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GWMC Election Reservations Notification Nomination election date Results

GWMC Election Reservations Notification Nomination election date Results
After the GHMC(Greater Hyderabad Muncipal elections) elections all eyes in Telangana is on GWMC(Greater Warangal Muncipal Corporation) elections 2016 as in GHMC it was a hatrick victory for TRS as it is the first elections after the formation of Telangana state and it is the first time it was contesting in the election for GHMC and its a Excellent victory and a hatrick for KCR and TRS party with the same victory path TRS party is confident it will win the GWMC elections also with the best best majority possible and it will have the Mayor candidate of TRS as the leaders of Warangal TRS is confident.

GWMC Elections Notification 2016 is released on Monday and Nomination Schedule is also released for the GWMC elections 2016 Greater warangal Municipal elections notification schedule was released on 21.02.2016 by tsec .www.tsec.gov.in TSEC(Telangana Election commssion) issued GWMC Elections 2016 Notification on 22.02.2016 ie on Monday and started taking nominations . GWMC elections 2016 or GWMC polling day will be on 06.03.2016 or 6th March 2016 for which submission of Nomination process already started from 22.02.2016 and ends on 24th of Feburary 2016. The last date for submission of GWMC Elections Nominations are accepted upto 24.02.2016 or 24th Feburary 2016 more details for GWMC election commision is below

GWMC Greater Warangal Municipal Commissioner presentlly Sarfaraz Ahmed said in a press meet on GWMC as over six lakh voters will elect their corporators in different wards across 58 wards in gwmc or 58 divisions of the corporation on March 6th 2016 that is the polling day and counting will follow it GWMC Election results 2016.

GWMC Elections 2016 Counting of Votes  and GWMC Election Results 2016

GWMC commissioner on Sunday speaking to press he also said that the process of conducting election will begin on Monday ie 22nd Feburary starts with issue of notification and acceptance of nominations from same day from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m on given dates. The nominations by the candidates would be accepted at the municipal office for all wards from February 22nd to 24th 2016. Last date for withdrawal of nominations for any ward in GWMC is February 26th 2016. List of contesting candidates would be published on the same day for GWMC elections 2016.

After the GWMC election day polling day on March 6th 2016 the counting of GWMC votes would be taken up on March 9th 2016 he also explained that The Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation is spread over 407 square km in the gwmc area . Total 653 polling stations will be set up for the voting for GWMc elections.

The candidates who ever is filing nomination can download the form 8 from this link http://www.gwmc.gov.in/election/nomination.pdf
GWMC nomination candidate deposit amount for general candidates is Rs. 5,000 while it is Rs. 2,500 for SC, ST and BC candidates whop ever is contesting for GWMc election across 58 wards and in Khammam wards also. The election code of conduct would be applicable within the jurisdiction of the municipal corporation  of both Warangal and Khammam.

The Telangana state government which had earlier already published and finalised the reservations for all GWMC and Greater Khammam  the 58 wards under the GWMC reservation list click here for link. http://www.gwmcgov.in/2016/02/greater-warangal-muncipal-corporation-election-notification-candidates-results-www.tsec.gov.in.html While the BCs are allotted 19 seats, the SCs were given 9, STs 2, women 13 and another 13 positions are unreserved as per the reservation list provided by tsec. Mayor post is open for general in this GWMc elections 2016.

GWMC Elections 2016 Notification, Nomination Schedule, Polling day, Counting of Votes ,GWMC election results 2016 Schedule is as follows:
Sl NoGWMC Elections 2016 Notification ScheduleDate
1GWMC Elections 2016 Notification22.02.2016
2Last date for filing Nominations24.02.2016
3Scrutiny of Nominations25.2.2016
4Withdrawal of Nominations26.02.2016
5GWMC Elections 2016 Date06.03.2016
6GWMC Elections 2016 Hours of Poll7 AM to 5 PM
7GWMC Elections 2016 Counting of Votes09.03.2016
8GWMC Election Results 201609.03.2016
GWMC Elections  2016 Election Symbols as as below Click this link to see all the Symbols in pdf for GWMC elections 2016

Any student who wish to be for Webcast Enrollment can be done on this link
Step 2: Fill Required details on WebCast Enrollment form as shown below linke student name,Father/Husband Name,AadhaarNo...etc 
Step 3: Click on Save you are done for GWMc election WebcastEnrollment

WebCast Enrollment

Student Name:Aadhaar No:
Fat/Husband Name:Address:
Cell Number:College Name:
Email Id:Correspondance Address:
Webcast Enrollment

Below is the list of GWMC(Greater Warangal Muncipal Corporation )  Election 2016 Ward wise Voter list details click on the link and find your election voter slip 


Sr.No.Election Ward No.Supplementry
1Ward 1Ward 1Ward 1Ward 1
2Ward 2Ward 2Ward 2Ward 2
3Ward 3Ward 3Ward 3Ward 3
4Ward 4Ward 4Ward 4Ward 4
5Ward 5Ward 5Ward 5Ward 5
6Ward 6Ward 6Ward 6Ward 6
7Ward 7Ward 7Ward 7Ward 7
8Ward 8Ward 8Ward 8Ward 8
9Ward 9Ward 9Ward 9Ward 9
10Ward 10Ward 10Ward 10Ward 10
11Ward 11Ward 11Ward 11Ward 11
12Ward 12Ward 12Ward 12Ward 12
13Ward 13Ward 13Ward 13Ward 13
14Ward 14Ward 14Ward 14Ward 14
15Ward 15Ward 15Ward 15Ward 15
16Ward 16Ward 16Ward 16Ward 16
17Ward 17Ward 17Ward 17Ward 17
18Ward 18Ward 18Ward 18Ward 18
19Ward 19Ward 19Ward 19Ward 19
20Ward 20Ward 20Ward 20Ward 20
21Ward 21Ward 21Ward 21Ward 21
22Ward 22Ward 22Ward 22Ward 22
23Ward 23Ward 23Ward 23Ward 23
24Ward 24Ward 24Ward 24Ward 24
25Ward 25Ward 25Ward 25Ward 252
26Ward 26Ward 26Ward 26Ward 26
27Ward 27Ward 27Ward 27Ward 27
28Ward 28Ward 28Ward 28Ward 28
29Ward 29Ward 29Ward 29Ward 29
30Ward 30Ward 30Ward 30Ward 30
31Ward 31Ward 31Ward 31Ward 31
32Ward 32Ward 32Ward 32Ward 32
33Ward 33Ward 33Ward 33Ward 33
34Ward 34Ward 34Ward 34Ward 34
35Ward 35Ward 35Ward 35Ward 35
36Ward 36Ward 36Ward 36Ward 36
37Ward 37Ward 37Ward 37Ward 37
38Ward 38Ward 38Ward 38Ward 38
39Ward 39Ward 39Ward 39Ward 39
40Ward 40Ward 40Ward 40Ward 40
41Ward 41Ward 41Ward 41Ward 41
42Ward 42Ward 42Ward 42Ward 42
43Ward 43Ward 43Ward 43Ward 43
44Ward 44Ward 44Ward 44Ward 44
45Ward 45Ward 45Ward 45Ward 45
46Ward 46Ward 46Ward 46Ward 46
47Ward 47Ward 47Ward 47Ward 47
48Ward 48Ward 48Ward 48Ward 48
49Ward 49Ward 49Ward 49Ward 49
50Ward 50Ward 50Ward 50Ward 50
51Ward 51Ward 51Ward 51Ward 51
52Ward 52Ward 52Ward 52Ward 52
53Ward 53Ward 53Ward 53Ward 53
54Ward 54Ward 54Ward 54Ward 54
55Ward 55Ward 55Ward 55Ward 55
56Ward 56Ward 56Ward 56Ward 56
57Ward 57Ward 57Ward 57Ward 57
58Ward 58Ward 58Ward 58Ward 58
For this elections as per TSEC(Telangana state election commission) There are 58 wards in GWMC area limits or Warangal municipal corporation  and other corporation of Khammam has 50 wards and the reservation for all the wards in khammam is also declared for Khammam muncipal corporation elections 2016. The Telangana state government also  recently finalized reservations in both the corporations of warangal and khammam .TSEC or Telangana State Election Commission on Sunday that is on 21st Feburary already issued notification for the elections of Warangal and Khammam municipal corporations elections 2016 and Achampet municipality in Mahbubnagar district for elections in 2016 all total  entire election process will be completed in two weeks from now.

Khammam Municipal Elections 2016 Voter slips or How  to Search Khammam Muncipality Voters List

Step 1) For Voter list of Khammam Municipal Elections 2016 Click on this link http://manakmc.com/voter_list.php
Step 2) Enter the below details like Voter Photo Identity Card No and Name of the voter 
Step 3) click on search button down in blue to get the Khammam Municipal Elections 2016 Voter list
Below shows the look of it for Khammam Municipal Elections 2016 voter slip download
Photo Identity Card No :Name :

GWMC elections 2016 Ward wise Reservations for candidates Greater Warangal Municipal Corporation and Khammam Muncipal corporation Ward wise  of 58 of GWMc and khammam of 50 wards Reservationsfor General/BC/SC/ST/Woman are published details G.O Ms.No.200 Dated is released on 19.12.2015. 25 RELEASED. In 59 GWMC wards, 29 wards are reserved for Woman candidates and 29 wards are reserved for other reserved candidates. The Details are as follows:Main political parties TRS, Congress, BJP, TDP and others are contesting in GWMC Elections 2016.
1 Number of seats reserved for the category General Women Total
2 Scheduled Tribes (STs) 1 1 2
3 Scheduled Castes (SCs) 5 4 9
4 Backward Classes (BCs) 10 9 19
5 Women (General) 0 15 15
6 Un-reserved 13 0 13
7 Total 29 29 58

GWMC Election Results 2016

TSEC or Telangana State election commission also had  issued reservation and notification for Khammam Municipal Corporation elections and also for Achampet Municipality elections 2016 schedule notification,nomination schedule,polling date,results with this greater warangal municipal elections notification on 22.02.2016 and the polling day on 6th March 2016. GWMC Election results 2016 will be published on 9th March 2016

GWMC and KMC Elections 2016
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