Saturday, March 12, 2016

Singer Madhu Priya files Harassment case against Husband marriage troubles

Singer Madhu Priya files Harassment case against Husband marriage troubles

Singer Madhu priya who married recently with her long time boy friend srikanth has filed a harrasment case against him in humayunnagar police station Singer Madhu Priya files Harassment case against Her Husband Srikanth on (12-03-2016) the Young Telugu singer is very famous for her telangana slang songs like "Adapillanamma ..." after the complaint against her husband

Madhu Priya has spoke to media about her worst experiences after the marriage very emotionally revealing the true colors of her husband srikanth and also said he tortured her severely physically and mentally also shown wounds on the body and told she was not in a stage to speak fully also and also madhu priya told She is now regreting for going against her own parents to marry Srikanth and apologizes to them for going beyond there parents wish.

As per the information of what she spoke with media Madhu Priya is being tourtered by husband Srikanth is torturing her physically and is harassing her to get money from her parents and is not working any where and fully dependent on Madhu priya . She also reveals his inhuman thinking and drinking habits her husband has . Madhu Priya turned emotional while talking to media a while ago when she recalled how he tortured and blackmailed her to defame her before media she also mentioned srikanth blackmailed her she will reveal truths before media. She repents for never realising his cruel intentions to marry her . The young singer told media with the kind of troubles she faced vows to sing more songs on women troubles in society as she faced them directly and she is really feeling bad of it . While speaking to media she was emotional and Madhu Priya fell unconcious and is admitted to Osmania hospital for medical attendance and she is well now as per sources.

The song from her was a sensational  when her song 'aadapillanamma' is out Madhu priya secretly married her boyfriend Srikanth against her parents will 6 months back .Correct information is not known information says she met Srikanth the present husband on Face book Madhu Priya knew Srikanth(now husband of Madhu priya) from last 2 years before marriage and her parents refused him for his financial status and his habits  they reportedly tried to kidnap her during her marriage secreatly. Madhu Priya married him secretly and came to media revealing the consequences during then and how she tried to convince her parents after she got married.

Afetr all that after six months Now that Madhu Priya is complaining about his harassment, police are investigating it. Madhu Priya participated in many TV singing shows and she was part of Super Singer 9 before getting married to srikanth .

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