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Warangal Muncipal elections ward wise polling stations list Khammam

Greater Warangal Muncipal Corporation Khammam elections wardwise polling stations list 2016
As Greater warangal elections and greater khammam elections are near and  people are preparing for tomorrow people from Greater Warangal khammam  are searching there voter card ,Voter slip to vote for GWMC(Greater Warangal Muncipal Corporation elections) elections 2016 and KMC(Kahammam Muncipal Corporation) elections 2016 and they are also looking were is their polling station to vote for there leader in GWMC and KMC elections to be held tommarow 6th March 2016 in this below article i am going to explain how to search for your polling station

Below are the steps for Greater Warangal Muncipal Corporation Khammam elections wardwise polling stations list Steps

Greater Warangal Muncipal Corporation election Polling station search
Step 1) Visit the official website of gwmc i.e

Step 2) on the right side corner below the election symbol you can see a link "Wardwise Polling Stations List" Click it
Nomination Details
Webcast Enrollment
Election Symbols
Wardwise Polling Stations List

Step 3 ) When you click the link on "Wardwise Polling stations List you will be redirected to the link

Step 4) once the link of gwmc is redirected you will be seeing the screen with below
Step 5 )  Fill the details like the Gwmc ward number you represent eg : 1,2...etc from the drop down
Step 6) Select the polling station Both are mandatory to get the voter list in that ward after filling the GWMC Ward and polling station 
7)Click on "Submit" Button
8) Once you click on submit you will be able to see all the voter list for that polling station serach your enjoy Vote for Good

Select Ward: 
Select PS: 
Search your voter list in the polling station and Vote for Good in Telanagana Make Telangana Great

Sample voter list and the polling station will be shown like this
Sarali DG School, Room No.4, H.No.50-1-61/1, Arepally. (LKG)(1/2)

Id Card No:AP3XXXXXXEward:GWMC ward no
Name:Name of Voter
F/H Name:Name of H/F
House No:Hno
Age:age Gender:M/F
Electoral Sl.No.:1
GWMC Ward 1 Polling stations list for elections 2016
P.S. No.P.S. NameP.S. AddressTotal VotersElectoral List
1AREPALLYSarali DG School, Room No.2,H.No.50-1-61/1, Arepally. (Nursery)8123804320
2AREPALLYSarali DG School, Room No.4,H.No.50-1-61/1, Arepally. (LKG)5122432690
3AREPALLYSarali DG School, H.No.50-1-61/1, Arepally.(Room No.5)8194024170
4KOTHAPETAGovt. Upper Primary School, Kothapeta (4th Class Room)7993954040
5KOTHAPETAGovt. Upper Primary School, Kothapeta (5th Class Room)4292202090
6PAIDIPALLYZilla Praja Parishad Unnatha Patashala, Paidipally, (9th Class Room No.9) T/M5742882860
7PAIDIPALLYZilla Praja Parishad Unnatha Patashala, Paidipally, (9th Class) E/M (Room.No.8)7353913440
8PAIDIPALLYZilla Praja Parishad Unnatha Patashala, Paidipally, (10th Class) T/M (Room.No.3)8214243970
9PAIDIPALLYZilla Praja parishad (Room No.10) Paidipally, 7th Class (T/M)10685435250
10PAIDIPALLYZillla Praja Parishad, Paidipally, 6th Class (E/M & T/M) (Room.No.11)9274974300
11PAIDIPALLYMandal Praja Parishad Upper Primary School, Paidipally, 3rd Class (Room.No.4)8914534380
12PAIDIPALLYMandal Praja Parishad Upper Primary School, Paidipally, 5th Class (Room.No.6)9715074640
13DESHAIPETGeetanjali Concept School, Building No.1, H.No.22-5-181/2, Deshaipet.10525265260
14DESHAIPETGeetanjali Concept School, Building No.2, H.No.22-5-181/2, Deshaipet.

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